Voters came out in historic numbers in 2020-21! Drawing Out The Vote mobilized voters and the creative sector all across Georgia, including through events, performances, campaigns, and actions at voting locations, drop boxes, and many other venues! Our work impacted more than 100,000 voters, including bringing new, young, and irregular voters to the polls in record-breaking numbers, as well as creative sector organizations, artists, and groups throughout the state. And now our work continues, so stay tuned for upcoming news!

Upcoming News & Events

Get ready for 2022 statewide elections in GA!
Primary May 24, 2022
Primary Runoff July 26, 2022
General Election November 8, 2022
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Coming soon: More ArtVote Talks! DOTV series featuring special guests, election & voter info, and more!

Where To Get A Peachbutton

Everyone loves a peachbutton! Buttons (& posters!) were handed out at polling locations, parks, grocery stores, community centers, and venues across the state. Check back here for future button hand-out locations!

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Creative Action Election Guide

Interested in creative action? Check out our Creative Action Election Guide for more info about ways to support voter turnout and be engaged with GA elections! We updated the guide throughout the 2020-2021 election season, and it includes helpful tips on approaching voter mobilization more broadly.

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Drawing Out The Vote is a voter education & mobilization campaign focused on Georgia & the creative sector. Directed by Gabrielle Mertz and involving collaborations with creative community members from across Georgia, including Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr., singer Trevor Perry, and more, as well as outreach to new & young voters throughout the state during the 2020-21 election season. Drawing Out The Vote reached more than 100,000 voters during the most recent election, and now our work continues as we look forward. Stay tuned for more information on our plans to continue to build on the success of our programs.

This incredible effort and outcome would not have been possible without the support of so many organizations and individuals. Drawing Out The Vote is supported by the Open Society Foundations, Center for Artistic Activism, and Megan Hull, as well as in partnership with numerous community and local organizations and special thanks to Fair Fight, ACLU, and Power The Polls. The Peach “I Voted” button was designed by Gabrielle Mertz and Mark Addison Smith.

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Why The Guide & For Who

This guide was created to help provide info and action-based tools related to the upcoming GA Senate runoffs and voter turnout activity more generally. If you’re an artist, activist, organizer, or creative sector group who wants to be involved in getting out the vote and in election activism—or even just an individual who is interested in supporting creative election action—this document is designed to provide a starting point and guideposts to help with your own research and process. Regardless of where you live, whether it’s in GA or elsewhere, there are ways to get involved, and this guide is here to help.

Creative action can take many forms, big and small. It might mean creating a video, song, or image that celebrates voting and shares info that voters need to know, like deadlines or the importance of ballot tracking. Or it might be volunteering or offering to phone bank with an organization working on voter turnout. Or it could be something as simple as making sure you are only posting helpful and accurate info via social media, or just sharing the story of your own voting experience. It might be something that reaches a lot of people and is public, but it could also be something that’s more personal and directly connects with just one person, or a small group. There are many different ways to get involved and take action, so let your imagination and creativity guide you—and you can use this guide to help in discovering what info and areas to focus on.

A reminder that elections and activism are moving targets! We try to provide the most current info available and endeavor to update the guide when possible—but we encourage you to always double-check any items before using in case things have changed. We also welcome hearing any thoughts, feedback, and other input, so feel free to contact us.